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Friday, August 13, 2010

Drowsy ...

This is photos in Lotteria of little party for me and my best friends in college XD~

Hehe~Here they are ~~

They are  ....

(futotta) Inu san =))

and (tight-laced) Kame chan ~~

Diary, Today, 13.08.2010 ~

Today, I feel tired so much ~haizz....
I want to see my important people but I don't want .... AH~ What do I want to do ???I don't know ...
Whole day, I'm falling in drowsiness =  =' ...
I want to go to bed ..but I have a lot exercise ="= ~~AHHHHG!!!!!!

Okie, Now is photos for to day ~and the picture that draw by me '  'V~

And, finaly ~This is a pic ~draw by me :D
Its name is
" The Silent of Flower's Spirit "
by water colour
Song for this picture :
<~ Your Name [ Singer by SHinee in Lucifer album , Write by Onew-Lee Jinki >//< ]

(you can see full size at )


  1. That orangue Rose is beatifully :3
    and great concept for the " The Silent of Flower's Spirit " the detils of the eye is amazing

  2. Thanks you ~\' 7'/
    Have a nice day for you ~!!